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Vision & Message

The Vision:

The quality assurance unit is to ensure the quality standards of continued education at the faculty of Hotels Management and Tourism, and to gain the trust of the national and regional community.

The Message:
The role of the quality assurance unit is gained by the importance of an increased awareness about quality standards within the college community and the surrounding communities, and to provide technical support, sustainable development, improve needed skills for development, reach the necessary practices to ensure the quality of the educational process and qualify the faculty for accreditation.
Strategic goals:

· Provide technical support and maintain the internal rules of procedures to ensure the quality assurance, and qualify the faculty for accreditation.

· Improve the necessary practices for sustainable development among the faculty members.

· Increase quality assurance awareness among students, staff and faculty members and their assistances.

· Highlighting the importance of applying quality assurance and accreditation systems.

· Reaching an effective communication between the quality assurance unit and the quality assurance center within the university.