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The October 6 University is the first private university in the Arab Republic of Egypt. O6U is instituted by the Republican Decree number 243 1996. The university is a member of the Association of Arab Universities and the Association of African Universities. The University includes fourteen Faculties, University Hospital, and two hotels for male and female students. It has also established a center for quality assurance and accreditation having units in all the faculties, to enhance and disseminate quality culture. The University comprises a modern library.

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Nov 12
12:01 PM

Discovering Musical Talents

 Tofolitna, student group organized a music competition on Thursday October 25, 2018 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rania Mostafa Professor of Musicology at the Faculty of Music Education. Helwan University. The competition aimed at discovering musical talents in order to help develop them

Football Championship

  October 6 University, Youth Welfare Department   organized a Football Match between the University Team and Ain Shams

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The Annual scientific conference of Faculty of Medicine, October 6

  Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University announces the Annual scientific conference on Wednesday 14-11-2018. The conference title is: Recent U

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On Sunday 4-11-2018, OSSS conducted training sessions at the Hospital

 On Sunday 4-11-2018, OSSS conducted  training sessions at the Hospital  VIP  Hall targeting the society new members. The aim

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 The face of Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences family Congratulates Prof. Amal Sabry Othman for becoming ViceDean, Community Service and E

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Marathon Charity in favor of Ahl Masr burns Hospital on Tuesday,

 Marathon Charity in favor of Ahl Masr burns Hospital on Tuesday, 30/10/2018  

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