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Vision: :

FE prepares quality teachers in myriad disciplines capable of professional distinction. Highly skilled and self disciplined are graduates are empowered to:
1. be teachers qualified to deal with professional challenges
2- be specialists and leaders in the various fields of education
3- to carry out academic research in the various fields of education
4- to participate in solving educational problems in society
5. to utilize technology in the enrichment of education
5- to exchange experience and knowledge with the educational and cultural institutions nationally and internationally.

Mission: :

At the Faculty of Education (F.E), 6 October University, we offer variety of academic programs that cope with international standards and that in turn empower graduates to master a set of professional skills indispensable for their success as teachers in myriad disciplines. At the Faculty of Education, we provide an educational environment that enhances and supports teaching/learning processes in a free and fair environment that empowers critical thinking abilities and creativity. We teach students the core concept of social service through participation in social and developmental activities.

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توصيات المؤتمر الدولي الثالث لكلية التربية بجامعة 6 أكتوبر بالتعاون مع

 تفعيلاً للدور الوطنى لجامعة 6 أكتوبر فى دعم خطط الدولة وسياساتها وإتساقًا مع رسالتها فى مجال البحث العملى وتوجيهه نحو إيجاد حلول للمشكلات والتحد

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Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Jondot, Professor of English Literature at

 The English Department at the Faculty of Education has invited Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Jondot, Professor of English Literature at Toulouse

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The Faculty of Education Inaugurates the Third Conference of the

The Faculty of Education October 6 University has hosted and organized a conference entitled "The Future of Teacher's Preparat

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Mother's Day Event

El- Ghad El- Moushrik, a faculty group headed by Dr. Fatma Barakat, Psychology Department Chair, organized Mother's Day event for the Faculty of Ed

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"Qosn El- Zeiton," (Olive Branch) a student group headed by Dr. Mai

 "Qosn El- Zeiton," (Olive Branch) a student group headed by Dr. Mai El- Saied in The Faculty of Education has organized a visit

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