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Faculty of medicine -October 6 University- is committed to graduate physicians in accordance to the national academic reference standards within the frame work of medical ethics and continuous development of learning and education it also encourages the production of applied scientific researches and meets the local health community needs.

Vision: :

Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University, is looking forward to providing academic and health care excellence at the regional level.

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Announcement for the 10th Arthroplasty conference

 Faculty of Medicine , October 6 University Announce the 10th international Arthroplasty conference in collaboration with LKH-Stolzaple

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Ethics of Academic staff workshops

 On Monday 26/12/2016 and 2/1/2017, Faculty of Medicine, Quality Assurance Unit, arranged two workshops about Ethics of Academic staff.&nb

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Awareness Lecture about accreditation for the Medical Students

     On Tuesday 13 of December 2016, Prof.Dr. Dawlat El-Miligy, The Dean of Faculty of Medicine, gave an awareness Lecture for t

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Workshop on some Laboratory Techniques for the Students at Faculty of

      As part of the community services, Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University arranged training programs on the laborato

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Workshop on Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation for the Demonstrators of

 On Thursday 15 of December 2016 , the Egyptian Resuscitation Council conveyed two trainers  who exercised  evaluation and  

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