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Mission: :

Faculty of medicine -October 6 University- is committed to graduate physicians in accordance to the national academic reference standards within the frame work of medical ethics and continuous development of learning and education it also encourages the production of applied scientific researches and meets the local health community needs.

Vision: :

Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University, is looking forward to providing academic and health care excellence at the regional level.

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15th Annual Scientific Student Conference of Faculty of Medicine

 On Thursday 16th of March 2017, Faculty of Medicine O6U, held  the 15th Annual  scientific student conference  under

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Pediatric Aspirated and Ingested Foreign Bodies Workshops

   Under supervision of Prof.Dr. Mohamed Talaat Elghonemy, The ENT Department carried out 3 workshops un

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Ultrasonography Workshops

   Three workshops on ultrasonography techniques and its role in diagnosis have been carried out at the

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First Aid Workshop for the fourth level Nigerian Students at Faculty

 On Wednesday 8th  of March 2017 , Prof.Dr.Shereen El-Gangihy the head of the ICU and one trainer from the assistant staff of the Depar

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Methods of Injections’ Workshop

 On Sunday 5-3-2017, Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University held a workshop for medical students to train them on different methods of injec

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