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Mission: :

Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University, is committed to graduate physicians comply to the national academic reference standards considering medical ethics frame work and continuous development of academic program and professional training to improve skills for practice in labor market. It also encourages the production of scientific researches and postgraduate studies to fulfill the national and regional community health needs.

Vision: :

Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University, is looking forward to achieve academic and health care excellence at the national and regional levels.

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The 17th Annual Scientific Student Conference of Faculty of Medicine

 On Wednesday 10th of April 2019, Faculty of Medicine O6U, held  the 17th Annual  scientific student conference  under the title &

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The Launching of “Egypt can Association”

 On Sunday 7th of March 2019, Prof.Dr.Dawlat El-Miligy was invited for the launching of “Egypt can Association” at JW Marrio

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The first scientific conference of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine,

  On Thursday 28-3-2019, Dermatology & Andrology department at Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University conducted the First scientific conf

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Infection control workshop

 On Thursday 21st of March 2019, Microbiology& Immunology Department at Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University   conducted (I

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Celebration of Mother’s Day

 On Thursday 21st of March 2019, The students of faculty of medicine celebrated the Mother’s Day in the presence of the Dean of facult

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