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Vision: :

Faculty of pharmacy seeks reaching high competitive capability against the outstanding internationally recognized academic entities

Mission: :

Faculty of pharmacy aims to present a graduate capable of competing in various pharmacy fields. This can be achieved by a modern teaching / learning strategy, an outstanding scientific research work and a valuable role in sharing in community activities and environmental development. The mission will be accomplished through highly efficient human resources, modern information technology and specialized professional unit in a frame of ethics and morals

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A Feedback for the Scientific Forum for Biochemistry Department

 - Some important intended learning outcomes (ILOs) of the clinical biochemistry course were adopted in the scientific forum titled: "

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Workshops in the Field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

 Two workshops have been successfully completed in the field of “1D and 2D Nuclear Magnetic Resonance” under the auspices of the

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Clinical Pharmacy Workshop at Faculty of pharmacy October 6 University

 Clinical Pharmacy Workshop at Faculty of pharmacy October 6 University " Clinical Pharmacy Career Guidance " For Undergraduat

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" Nutrition Practice at a Glance "

For Undergraduates and Fresh Graduates   The Faculty of Pharmacy October 6 university  has organized a

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Accredited Master Program in Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

 Accredited Master Program in Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy   The Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University  (O6U)

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