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International Cooperation: 

Cognizant of the central role of culture in international relations as it is widely perceived as the most instrumental vehicle of communication and mutual understanding among peoples and states, October 6 University attaches the utmost importance to International Cooperation and Cultural Affairs through undertaking a vast array of cultural activities and interactions all the year round.


This area is undertaken by the Office of International Strategies and Cultural Relations (OISCR) which is mainly responsible for: 

  • Providing students with training programs abroad during the academic year and summer in collaboration with foreign universities with a view to promote and enhance learning (e.g. summer courses conducted with Limouge University in France , University of Krakow(KSW) – Poland, Winona State University-Minnesota-USA and Savannah State University –Georgia-USA ).These programs enable students and faculty to gain a different perspective, add on their academic and see a different world.
  • Encouraging students participation in international competitions in different areas that help enhance creativity, initiation and positive competing (e.g. Robocon Competition on Engineering Inventions).
  • Encouraging students participation in activities conducted by international organizations such as the Arabic Council for Arab League Students Training, (Association of Arab Universities, Association of African Universities, Arab Universities Student Union, United Nations Commission for Refugees).
  • Providing the students with the opportunity to take part in some international conferences such as the participation of O6U students in the Arab League Review Conference held in Kuwait in collaboration with the Arab League.
  • OICR is also dedicated to developing a coherent strategy to promote the university at the international level, promoting its global prolife international competitiveness and raising the prolife of international awareness of O6U.
  • Seeking to activate and implement the signed scientific and academic agreements and MOUs between O6U and other foreign universities and at the same time explores the possibilities of reaching new agreements. Special stress is laid on the students and teaching faculty exchanges, scholarships, and participation in symposia, seminars and conferences. Reviewing and maintaining administrative oversight over agreements signed is a key responsibility of OISCR. Most of opportunities and activities are underpinned by formal agreements.
  • Coordinating and preparing for participation in international projects like Tempus project supported by the European Union.