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The Faculty of dentistry, October 6 University is committed to prepare graduates able to provide competent dental care as an essential community service in the field of dentistry and oral health by partnering with student focusing on applied research in an ethical professional practice.

Vision: :

The Faculty of dentistry, October 6 University is looking forward to become leader dental school offering epic community service and advanced research in the art and science of dentistry.

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Honoring outstanding students in the Department of Conservative

 In the light of academic encouragement and student improvement programs, The following students were honored by the Conservative Dentistry Dep

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 The Department of Oral Surgery honored the best resident doctor for this month. Dr. Khalid Karkar who was honored in the presence of the De

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 The Faculty of Dentistry congratulates the faculty staff members who have won the best scientific research at the college level for 2017-2018.

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 The family of the Faculty of Dentistry - 6th October University congratulates Professor Mohsen Abi El Hassan - Professor of conservative dentist

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