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Removable prosthodontics concerns the art and science involved in replacing lost dental and associated structures by means of artificial appliances. This course is concerned with the laboratory procedures involved in the construction of both complete and removable partial dentures.

            The complete denture course is introduced in the first and second semesters where the student learns the basic clinical concepts and practices that are included to coordinate laboratory procedures with clinical practice and should be able to employ the skills to accomplish selected procedures in complete denture construction.

In the third semester the partial denture course acquaints the student with the principles, components of removable partial dentures and sequence of technical procedures involved in fabrication of removable partial dentures.

 In the practical sessions the students will be trained to perform all laboratory steps involved in complete denture construction starting with the construction of special trays, occlusion blocks, mounting on articulators, setting-up of artificial teeth.

In addition the students will perform all laboratory steps involved in complete denture construction with special emphasis on setting-up teeth and adjusting semi adjustable articulators and developing balanced occlusion. The student will process the dentures; remount them to perform laboratory remounting and then proceed to finishing and polishing.  The student will perform the different procedures involved in the fabrication of removable partial dentures starting with planning the design of different components and ending with casting the framework.

The course comprises a one-hour lecture and two-two hour practical sessions weekly except for first semester where practical sessions will be a two hour session.


        The clinical complete denture course is studied throughout the fourth year in both the first and second terms. The first term includes a detailed step-by-step description of the clinical procedures performed at each patient appointment. Different philosophies and rationales concerning the different procedures of impression making, occlusion and jaw relation are discussed.

         In the second term a special interest is given to problem cases and problem solving in complete denture cases. The recent trends in complete denture construction are introduced including implants.

      In the clinical sessions the students treat completely edentulous patients under the supervision of the staff. Prior to each clinical step there is a demonstration by a member of the staff for each clinical step at the different appointments in constructing a complete denture for a patient.

           In the fifth year the course includes a clinical removable partial denture course in the first semester and a course on maxillofacial prosthodontics in the second semester.

        In the clinical removable partial denture course the students have a full understanding of the sequence of clinical procedures involved in treating partially edentulous cases for removable partial denture. Special attention is given to principles of design, impression techniques and problems of the different classes.

In the maxillofacial prosthodontics course the students are acquainted with the causes and management of some maxillofacial defects and problematic cases that require special attention.

         The students continue treating partially edentulous patients in addition to the completely edentulous cases to complete their requirements with special emphasis on special advanced cases of flat, flabby ridges and single dentures.

       The course comprises a one-hour lecture and two-hours of clinical sessions weekly for the fourth year students. The course comprises a one-hour lecture and two-two hours of clinical sessions weekly for the fifth year students.

د/ تامر محمود احمد (منتدب)


د/ محمد عبد الحكيم (منتدب)


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د/ هشام سمير الجبري


ط/ هبة رفعت محمد الصريف

مدرس مساعد

ط/ نهال شهاب احمد جمال الدين

مدرس مساعد

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مدرس مساعد

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