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General Chemistry (GCH 111) 

           The course deals with the basic principles of chemistry and the application of chemistry in order to provide the student with a clear and logical presentation of these concepts. The student should be able to use the knowledge of atomic and molecular structure to predict chemical bonding and reactivity, explain observed chemical behavior and demonstrate an understanding of the changes involved in equilibrium and thermo chemical  systems.

                The course of general chemistry comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.

ا.م.د/محمد عبد الله (منتدب)

استاذ مساعد

Biophysics (BPH 111)

This course provides the students with a presentation of the basic concepts of physics and strengthens an understanding of the concepts and principles through a broad range of interesting application to the real world.

            The course consists of two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.

ا.م.د/ هديل احمد صبرى محمد

أستاذ مساعد

Biology (BIO 111)

The aim of this course is to provide dental students with a background of biology, an understanding and appreciation of the vast diversity of living organisms, and their evolutionary and ecological relationships. This course includes microscopic structure of animal cell and function of various integral parts The course includes the structure of plant cell, the properties and constituents of enzyme systems and the metabolic adaptations by which living systems obtain and utilize energy by photosynthesis and cellular respiration. The practical course emphasizes light microscopic slides to help the student with the challenging task of mastering the principles of biology.

The course consists of two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.

د/ هبه محمود سيد البنا(منتدب)


د / سها احمد حسن


Statistics (STA 221)

         This course includes statistical bases that aid in data analysis. The student should be able to present, interpret and analyze the collected data. Probability and analysis of variance will be clarified. The course consists of one-hour lecture weekly.

أ.د/ حمدي نصار


Organic chemistry (OCH 121)

         This course provides dental students with background knowledge of organic chemistry relevant to medical fields, to develop an understanding of the numerous applications of organic chemical principles and reactions in different biochemical systems. The laboratory sessions will illustrate some of the principles and reactions discussed in lectures and provide practical experience in the techniques involved in synthesizing, isolating, purifying and characterizing organic compounds.

            The course consists of a four-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.

د/ هناء طه مصطفى

استاذ مساعد

Genetics (GEN 111)

        The course includes information on population genetics that helps the student better understand how genetic variation is maintained through generations. The course consists of a one-hour lecture weekly.

د / سها احمد حسن


Computer science (COS 111, 122)

This course includes the concepts of computer science. An introduction to practical application of computer is discussed. This basic part helps students as the beginning to use computer and are useful later as a way to organize knowledge and order patient’s file. The practical course deals with the applied data and navigating through various scientific sites to help students in their research work.

أ.د/ موسى ابراهيم


English language (ENG 111, 122)

This course focuses on extensive practice in rhetorical strategies and techniques, appropriate grammatical structures and verb tenses. It presents an integrated program of writing for dental students. The goal of this course is to help students to understand the terminology in medical and dental fields and to provide the correct spelling and division of words most commonly used in medical writing.

د/جيهان احمد انور (منتدب)


Introduction to dentistry (ITD)

This  course concerns with the  introduction of  the field of dentistry to the students ,to have a knowledge about history of dentistry ,to indentify the dental team personnel and their jobs ,also ,the course helps the student to identify the dental  branches

This course enables the student to recognize infection control measures in the dental office in regards to patient and dental team  prophylaxis against infection .Also  ,it explains dental  occupational hazards and how to ovoid  these hazards and risks