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Committee for Cultural Relations







Prof .Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Koheil

Dean and Chairman of the Quality Assurance Unit


Prof.Dr. Kheir Eldin Abd Al-Latif

Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the international strategies and cultural relations


Prof .Dr.Atef Tadros Fahim Tadros

Prof. of Biochemistry and vice dean of Postgraduate graduate and Research


Dr / Hala Hamam Rashad

Lecturer in pharmacology department and manager of quality assurance unit


Prof .Dr. Mervat Mostafa Elanany

Professor and Head of Organic Chemistry Department


Dr. Sherifa Fahmy Ali

Lecturer of Pharmacognosy Department


Dr. Dalia Mohamed Rasheed

Lecturer of Pharmacognosy Department


Functions of the Committee:

1. Supervision and follow-up demonstrators and teaching assistants registration in the post graduate program in public universities.

2. Overseeing conferences and nominations of faculty members to attend conferences.

3. Preparation of annual booklet for scientific activities of the Foundation includes organization or participating in conferences, seminars and of local, regional and international workshops.

4. Institutional support for the participation of faculty in scientific activities and cooperation with local and international research organizations and local and membership of international organizations.

5. Communicate with overseas educational  institutions.