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Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy - October 6 University aiming to become of the pioneers in the field of biochemistry Science at the regional level in 10 years.


provide high-quality education and an educational experience for undergraduates.

Cultivate students' scientific thought to be based on post-graduation from the ability to innovate and then global competition.

Embrace continuous improvement in biochemical sciences.

Build a climate would provide graduates with the skills and awareness of the ethics of scientific research.

 Arm biochemistry professionals with the knowledge, skills and values ​​required to meet the need for high-level specialists.

Support and maintain the best academic research and the faculty members technically qualified.

Department Member:-


Dr. Atef Tadros Fahim Tadros

Prof. of Biochemistry , vice dean of Postgraduate graduate and Research and Supervisor of Biochemistry Department

Dr. Mohammed Abdalla Hussein

Ass. Prof  of Biochemistry

Dr. Sylvia Azmy Boshra

Lecturer of Biochemistry

Bassam Mohamed Ali Abdel Wahab

Assist. lecturer of Biochemistry

Marwa Ashraf Ahmed

 Assist. lecturer of Biochemistry

Shimaa Galal Ibrahim

Assist. lecturer of Biochemistry

Mira Magdy William

Demonstrator of Biochemistry

Seham Mohamed Abozied Abd-Alrazik

Demonstrator of Biochemistry

Hagar Salah El-sherif

Demonstrator of Biochemistry