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Elective Courses

Medical Ethics & Law (ETH 211)

The course deals with ethical obligation of dentist and legal aspect of health care. The student will be able to understand the patient's right and the significance of patient's consent. The course consists of one hour lecture weekly.

أ.د/ حمدي أحمد نصار


Forensic Dentistry (FOD321)

This elective course will introduce the participant to the field of forensic science focusing on forensic dentistry. Participants will be able to understand the scope of forensic dentistry, the role of forensic pathology, forensic anthropology, forensic photography, and forensic dental radiology.

            Human dental identifications, child abuse issues, and bite mark investigations will be included. Dental jurisprudence and dental record keeping will be clarified.

د/ هبه الله محمد فايد


Instructor CPR (OSG 421)

This elective course consists of lectures on background material relevant to teaching CPR as well as manikin skills mastery. Students must be able to demonstrate their CPR skills on a manikin, demonstrate their teaching skills by presenting lecture  

ا.د/ تامر عبد البارى

أستاذ مساعد

Colour and Appearance (ART 311)

            Students will learn some appearance attributes such as gloss, surface roughness, transparency, translucency, opalescence, fluorescence, and phosphorescence. Corrections of restorative materials and tooth bleaching will be covered as well. In addition, the student will learn about clinical shade matching and participate in a color training program using custom designed software.

ا.م.د/ هديل احمد صبرى محمد

أستاذ مساعد

Research Methodology (RES 311)

            This course provides an introduction to program evaluation research in health care. It focuses on designing, conducting and using results of research. Practical issues are also addressed such as how to obtain informed consent and approval of institutional review boards, and how to get the most out of limited sources.

            Through a series of case studies, students acquire an understanding of strength and limits of different kinds of evaluation research.  

د/ هبه الله محمد فايد


 Dental practice Management (DPM 421)

            The course provides information on the non-scientific and non-technical aspects of dental practice, including office designing, financing, staffing and financial management.

ا.م.د/ يسرا محمد نشات

استاذ مساعد

Total Quality Management (BAD 221)

            The concept of quality simply means the absence of defects from a service. The student will learn about the benefits of total quality management to the patients, the organization and its employees. In addition they will learn more about the three TQM processes; quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement.

د/ هبه الله محمد فايد


Psychology and Sociology (PSY 421)

                According to the Bi/Polar theory of personality presented in this interactive elective, people are composed of three pairs of opposite strengths which, paradoxically, work together to produce an effective, productive individual. Learning to use these strengths in balance is not only crucial for personal fulfillment, but also for effectively communicating and working with others.

            This course constitutes interlinked workshops for healthcare students and professionals interested in exploring the subject of empathic communication between caregivers and their patients. The course will be both philosophical and practical in outlook, seeking to provide an arena for lively, debate as well as functional learning. As it is the aim of the instructor, a professional actor, to provide participants with tools for more effective communication based on a model of actor training, the focus of the workshops will be active, experiential, and free-flowing.