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General histology (HST121):

The basic course in human histology consists of a thorough study of the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems of the body under the microscope. Correlation is made with other courses in the basic science and clinical disciplines of the dental curriculum.

            The course comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.

د/رباب أحمد رشيد (منتدب)


Microbiology: (MIC121)

The course emphasizes on knowledge about an understanding of the microbiology and immunology of the human oral cavity. Recent advances in microbiology are included in order to achieve more rapid and more effective means in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental caries, periodontal disease and other oral infections. In addition, hepatitis, acquired immune deficiency syndrome and other medical diseases, which have been assumed to be pivotal, are discussed.

                The course comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of practical session weekly.

د/ سلوى ابراهيم ابراهيم


Physiology (PHS 211, 222)

        This course deals with human physiology that dental students can apply in clinical work. Emphasis has been placed on physiology in relation to disease. In the interest of clarity, each system is reviewed with reference to function and balanced mechanism that control body homeostasis. Experimental physiology is directed to provide students with background on various investigations to assess proper organ function.

            The course comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.

د/ نرمين بسطاوي   (منتدب)


General Anatomy (GAN 211,222)

This course deals with general anatomy of human body where basic knowledge helps to clarify and is of importance to an understanding of the clinical disorders that may arise. As a preliminary to the dissection of the head and neck, the student is provided with information about the skull and cervical vertebrae and their relation with many body points which can be felt. In addition, the course includes sound knowledge of the structures which pass through or are attached to them.

The course consists of two-hour lecture and two-hour practical sessions weekly.

ا.م .د/أحمد الدميري ( منتدب)

استاذ مساعد

Biochemistry (BCH 211)

This course deals with the different life’s processes in terms of molecular structure of food substances and body constituents. The student is familiar with different ways of expression of substances, familiar with different terms and is able to understand the biological significance of different phenomena. The student is also acquainted with the chemical changes that occur in the body to produce energy of form biologically active from food materials.

            The course consists of one-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.

ا.د/اسماعيل حجازى (منتدب)


Pharmacology (PHR 311)  

      Pharmacology is divided into two phases. The first phase includes a thorough study of basic concepts and principles in pharmacology using mainly prototype drugs. Emphasis is placed on the mechanism of action of drugs, their absorption, distribution, excretion, toxicity, and drug interaction.

      The second phase deals with clinical aspects of therapeutics, control of pain and anxiety. Attention is given to useful drugs and their indications and contraindications. The course consists of a one-hour lecture and two-hours practical session weekly.

ا.د/ نبيله السيد (منتدب)


General Pathology (GPT 221)

            This course deals with the development, gross, microscopic alterations, history and the cause of the disease. It forms the basis for correct diagnosis and therapy. The study of pathology is concerned with the nature of the disease including its different aspects that may be influenced by the genetic, cytological and biochemical changes.

            The course comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of practical session weekly.

ا.د/ مكرم محمد همام (منتدب)


General Medicine (GMD 421)

            This course deals with systemic diseases of primary importance to the dental field. It provides the students with knowledge about clinical features and pathogenic mechanisms in some medical diseases. In addition the course includes problems, which confront medical and dental health personnel in management of systemically compromised patients.

                     The course comprises a two-hour lecture weekly.    

ا.د/هبه حلمى ابو النجا (منتدب)

استاذ مساعد

General Surgery (GSG 411)

            This course includes an introduction to topics in general surgical practice that are closely related to the previous basic sciences and serves as an application to such basic knowledge.

                   This course comprises a two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions (in the second semester) weekly.

ا.د/عادل مراد (منتدب)


جراحه عامه

ا.د/محمد الغنيمى (منتدب)


انف واذن وحنجره

ا.د/عز الدين جلال (منتدب)