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Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies:

The department of is interested in research, teaching courses and training programs in the disciplines: Arabic and Islamic Studies; where courses include Linguistics: Grammar, presentations, and Arabic language skills,  philology, phonology, semantics and lexicon. The rhetoric and criticism: science statement, semantics, and rhetoric, modern and classic literary criticism and stylistics. The texts and literary studies: the history of literature across the Arab literary eras: pre-Islamic, Islamic Umayyad, Abbasid, Ottoman and Mamluk literature, modern and comparative literature. There are some sub branches in the Islamic culture that deal with the study of religious science, such as: the jurisprudence of worship, transactions in Islam, the Holy Quran and its interpretation, the Hadith and its sciences (reciting and knowledge), then Islamic history which includes: Biography of the Prophet, the history of the Caliphs and Islamic civilization.

The Council of Arabic Department





Associate Professor/ Mohammed Mahmoud Abdel Kader

The Head of the Arabic Department (chairman)


Dr/ Alaa El Nagaar



Dr/ Elham Swelam



Dr/ Dalia Bassuny

external member


Associate lecturer/ Amal Gameel

member(without a voting right)

Bachelor of Arts and Education (Arabic Language and Islamic Studies)