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The faculty consists of the following sections:

 Department of Education includes (Foundations of Education, Comparative Education and School management) and it supervises the Division of childhood.

The department is interested in post graduate studies and scientific research, and teaching courses in the disciplines of foundations of social, philosophical, economic and political education, educational thought and training programs, history of education, adult education, its philosophy, origins and evolution, the philosophy of continuous education and its origins, the teaching profession as well as education and community issues. It also studies education systems and its history, comparative studies: case studies and logical, cross-cultural studies, and international education, and continuous education systems. Educational management and education policies; such specialties include: management of education and educational management, school management, and management of information systems, financing education, and educational supervision, institutional evaluation and quality assurance.

The department supervises the division of childhood, which specializes in studies, research and teaching courses and training programs in the disciplines of: child health, child media, physical education and child mobility, child's culture, artistic education, aesthetic of the child, children's literature, musical education for children.

The Council of Education Department 





Dr/ Laila Tawfik

The Head of the Department (chairman)

Description of the Program Bachelor of Childhood and Education