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Cooperation between O6U and (CMRU)

Cooperation between O6U and Chiang Mai  Rajabaht University (CMRU) of Thailand

      In the framework of activating cooperation agreement signed with CMRU in February 2007 and pursuant  to discussions with CMRU President and his associates during their visit to O6U in November 2010, DR.Kheireldin Abdellatif Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Strategies and Cultural Relations and Dr.Saeed El Gohary,Prof. of Egyptology and O6U consultant paid a working visit to CMRU from 4 to 13 March 2011 to work out details of implementing provisions of the cooperation agreement.(integral text enclosed).(1)

    O6U delegation held talks with CMRU President Prof.Ruangdet Wongla, Vice President Prof.Tammakit Thammo, Dr.Songkiet Sangskananee, Deputy Director of the Institute of Languages (in charge of international outreach).

Talks centered on establishing a centre for Middle East studies: (2)

    It was agreed that O6U will help in establishing the centre that carries the name " October 6 University Centre for Middle East Studies" with a view to providing education, research to students, researchers and faculty and to create awareness on the Middle East (including Africa) cultures in the wide sense, in addition to creating networking with similar centres in Thailand and in the Middle East. The sides stressed the purely academic and scientific character of the centre's courses and activities.

    Courses and topics proposed include – inter alia – history, geography and geopolitics, Anthropology and sociology, current politics and economies of the Middle East.O6U would help design the detailed and annotated curriculum for the centre.

    It was agreed that the course will be 50 hours divided between distant learning and face to face lecturing (60% for teaching Arabic language and 40% for content).

   O6U delegation proposed the vision and the mission for the centre which will be examined and revised by CMRU (Enclosed the agreed minutes of the meeting along with the proposed vision and mission).(3)

   O6U delegation visited the proposed site for the centre and gave some remarks and observations notably in relation to collections and the interior décor and CMRU promised to handle them in coordination with Prof.Saeed El Gohary (enclosed a part of the footage of the tentative setup of the centre). (4) CMRU proposed October 2011 as a tentative time for the inauguration of the centre.

Students and Faculty Exchange

The sides are determined to further enhance exchange programs in study and training with special stress on hotel and tourism industry.

Series of lectures on the Middle East (5)

    During the visit Dr.Kheireldin Abdellatif delivered 3 lectures introducing the Middle East to the 10 chosen students from different CMRU faculties.


   Lectures touched on the different definitions and designations of the Middle East, geography and geopolitics of the Middle East, current political and economic developments, Arab political system and political structure, process and prospects of democratic evolution in Egypt, while prof.Saeed El Gohary delivered 3 lectures on the historic background of the Middle East and religion in ancient and modern Egypt. Dr.El Gohary also reviewed different ancient civilizations of the Middle East, in addition to teaching Arabic language.