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Faculty of Education Activity Schedule for the academic year 2015/2016


Sports Activity

Social Activity

Cultural Activity

Art Activity

Families Activity

Scouts and Trips Activity


-Forming Sports teams

-Holding final rounds between  teams

-Choosing members of the faculty union

-Preparing a training course to upgrade the language skills for children


-A guiding seminar to first year Students

- A cultural seminar for "our childhood" family

-Forming  Public Relation teams to regulate  seminars   

-Forming teams for  acting, music, chorus and singing 

- Forming  faculty  families of Students numbering 8 families

-Announcement for the formation of trips and scouts team


-Participating in the internal league

-Individual Championships

-Forming individual games teams

-Visiting home of the aged

-Visiting Orphanages

-Forming Chess team

-Preparing cultural competitions including poetry,  short story

-Wall magazines  for families


-Continuing to train art activity teams

-Preparing field visits for the faculty families

-Participating in training with the university team


-Participating in the cross-country race if held

-Students' union elections

-Blood donation campaign

-Participating in the Holy Quran recitations contest(whole-half-quarter)

-Creativity Contest

-Holding Art Shows exhibition for families

-Preparing the exhibition for the environmental  photography

-Visiting children cancer   hospital 57357 and some orphanages

-Outdoors training day

First Semester Exams


-Participating in the internal league for Table Tennis and other games

-Holding sports day between the faculty's families


-Preparing for the Faculty's Ideal Student contest

-Visiting Orphanages

-Participating in blood donation campaign


-A seminar on social media networks

-Art competitions between families

-Art troupes training  and holding a  photography exhibition


-Announcement for sports and art competitions

-A training for  setting up a camp and building tents


Football matches between the faculty's families

-Participating in the Ideal Student contest at the university level

-Visiting home of the aged


Celebrating Mother's Day

-Holding seminars in recognition of  mother's role

-Artistic Shows celebrating Mother' Day

-Configuring and collecting wall magazines on the faculty level

-Set up a scout camp


-Holding Sports day between the faculty's students and Staff members

-Participating in the Orphan Child Day

Participating in the university annual Cultural festival

-Artistic shows for the Orphan Child Day

-Participating in the faculty's magazines arbitration contest

-Holding a public service project proposed by the faculty's families


End of the activities

End of the activities

End of the activities

End of the activities ceremony

End of the activities ceremony

End of the activities