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Credit Hour System

 Credit Hour System

       The Studies in the Faculty is in accordance with the approved credit hours System which is spread over 4 academic levels and each level consists of the two semesters in addition to the summer semester.

      Students move forward to the second level after passing 30 credit hours.Students proceed to the third level student after passing 66 credit hours.Students continue to the fourth level after passing the 102 credit hoursThe student graduates after passing the 144 credit hours.

        Credit hour is the unit of measurement in this system. It is equivalent to a theoretical study for an hour a week during the semester  within the range of a 15 weeks and an hour of theoretical study is equivalent to two applicative study hours ( practical, training and field study)

        System allows the student to choose the course that he/she wants as long as it is in line with the course schedule , which is provided by the departments at the beginning of each semester

         The Academic year begins at the beginning of the third week of September and the College Board may modify the date provided that the number of academic weeks in each semester isn’t below 16 weeks.

The minimum accumulative points for 1.5 points.

          All students study the same subjects in the first and second levels (first Semester to fourth Semester). The students will be taught mandatory universal courses in accounting, political science, economics and management and general requirements of the Faculty.

         Specialization begins in the third level (fifth semester) and each department sets its conditions and its qualifying courses with their prerequisites with the approval of the Faculty Board.