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Faculty Policies

Mechanism for Receiving Student Complaints Grievances and Complaints

1-      The student writes and signs his/her complaint on a designated complaint form.  This form is found with the Faculty secretary. This form is then placed in the complaint box.

2-      A designated representative of the Complaint Committee opens the complaint box and collects the complaint forms every Sunday and Tuesday in the presence of the members of the committee. 

3-      The response to the student's complaint it directed personally to the student as well as in public through the announcement board designated for the Complaint Committee.

4-      These complaints are used as a guide for constant academic development.

Responsibility Towards the Copyright of Publications and Plagiarism

For the reservation of all publication rights:

1-      The Faculty has rights to all the publications of its faculty members.

2-      No faculty member is prevented from the copy right of his/her publications but under the following conditions:

a.       A free copy is to be dedicated to the university library

b.      It is not allowed to sell any of these publications to the students

3-      The faculty member is allowed to prepare lectures and notes for the students that must include all the references used (books, journal articles, internet sites…)

4-      It is not allowed for any faculty member and staff to photo-copy any academic literature which is considered a threat to the author's copy right.

5-      The rules and regulations stated for copyright and plagiarism must be followed

6-      it is not allowed to  copy  digital material until obtaining approval from the publisher.

Student Academic Advising

From the beginning of the academic year and according to the course schedule the student academic advising is in process:

1-      The student heads to his/her designated academic advisor to chose the courses that will be studied. This selection will be made according to the student's accumulated rate and academic level. A form is filled out by the student and signed by the academic advisor with the selected subjects.

2-      The student receives a photo-copy of his/her schedule with the name of the selected subjects, day & time of the lecture. The student is to make sure that there are not conflicting lectures. In case of conflict the student is to head back to his/her academic advisor to take the necessary corrective steps.

Add or Drop

-          After the student has completed the academic advising process, received his/her academic schedule and started attending the lectures, it is possible for the student to drop one or more course or to add one or more course till the number of required academic hours is met.

-          In this case the student will head back to his/her academic advisor to add the required and desired subjects or to drop.

-           A new form is filled out and signed by the student and signed by the academic advisor with the title of the subjects.

-          If there are any conflict with the lectures, the student is to promptly head to the academic advisor to take the necessary corrective steps.