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Clinical Pharmacy Unit

 Clinical Pharmacy Unit

Functions of the unit :

1.       1 . Clinical development of professional skills for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the final difference and to prepare them for the labor market requirements .

2.       2 . Establish the concept of pharmaceutical care to the graduates , which achieves professional relationship directly between the pharmacist graduate and the patient ( through the collection and evaluation of all information on the status of the patient's health and medicines covered by the  plan design appropriate medication to him , implemented and monitored , so as to achieve better therapeutic results to improve the quality of life of the patient ) .

3.       3 . providing practical and professional clinical graduate students .

4.       4 . Providing drug information and toxicity information of the hospital staff and service the surrounding environment ( information center ) .

5.       5 . Community service through :

·         Provide education and training of clinical pharmacists continuing practitioners in the areas of clinical pharmacy , pharmaceutical care , hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical community ( sessions / workshops ) .

·         Scientific conferences .

·         Education inpatient and outpatient counseling.

·         Monitor, analyze and solve medical problems related to the  surrounding environment  .