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 Dear Faculty of Engineering students,

I am very pleased to welcome you and take this opportunity to congratulate you for joining this academically robust program at the October University, which offers strong learning environment that is both scientifically stimulating and student supportive program.

Our Engineering Faculty staff members are talented engineers, researchers and great practitioners, who take most seriously is providing excellent teaching in the classrooms to effectively prepare the engineering students not only for the local job market but to be versatile and be able  to work and practice in the international job market.

Our engineering students engage in undergraduate research in our on campus laboratories and their research and scientific findings in various venues nationally and internationally. Our students are trained to apply their academic knowledge to real problems. Our values and strength at the Engineering Faculty can be seen in our graduates and alumni.

I invite you to learn more, research us , visit our Faculty and join our winning team at October 6 University.


Dean of Engineering

Prof. Abdel-Ghnay Mohamed