Visit of Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment to October 6 University

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 In the first meeting of October 6 University Council for community service and environment development, the University invited  Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, to attend the Council on 27\09\2018 , in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Khames ,Head of the Investors Association , Eng.Alaa Manea ,Head of the City Apparatus  and Eng. Ahmed Kamal ,Head of the Office of Environmental Commitment and Sustainable Development in the Federation of Industries and Representatives of the main elements of the city community.

The Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development presented the general framework for the future plan which included four main axes:
 The first axis: Building an information system for  6th  October City 
The second axis: Establishing a fund to finance the community service projects to promote 
investment in the city's environmental activities .
The third axis: the invitation of the University for industrialists and investors to achieve the principle of social responsibility through the contribution with the University’s medical faculties to participate in the initiative of the President of the Republic to eliminate the virus C.
 The fourth axis included the transformation of the University campus into a green one.
 Minister of Environment Dr. Yasmine Fouad said during the meeting that the Ministry's current vision based on  adopting  various ways to promote environmental work, including the initiative to reach out to the stakeholders and the real partners ,youth, universities, the private sector and civil society, referring to  the coordination with  the  Ministry of Education and  Higher Education to be present at  The Supreme Council of the Universities  to discuss ways to integrate the environmental dimension in the University system, and the possibility of forming a council of vice presidents of universities to serve the community and develop the environment to exchange ideas and visions  and work on the development of a specific program and action plan to activate the role of universities in environmental work.
Dr. Yasmine Fouad noted  the need to form a working group from  different faculties and disciplines and training them on how to integrate the environmental dimension and find solutions to the environmental problems through their specialties and student graduation projects and support applicable  projects, and praised the idea of environmental rangers launched by the Council of Environmental Affairs at October 6 University and its role in spreading environmental awareness between students  and the possibility of being mainstreamed in universities.